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Our main objective is to support payment companies in reaching out to businesses that accept payments online and in physical stores. TAMI was founded by our CEO, Liz Fulham, who formerly held the position of Head of European Telesales at PayPal. We have gained the confidence of international payment companies, several of whom have signed non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) to collaborate with us on marketing and sales strategies to determine their total addressable market (TAM). Here are some essential details on how we assist payment companies like yours.

eCommerce Market Size

Our platform sets us apart from other data providers by featuring a filter that allows you to discover online merchants who accept payments online effortlessly. So far, we have pinpointed over 6.4 million eCommerce businesses boasting 53 million Verified Contacts. In 2020, TAMI obtained a European patent for locating such companies.

Chrome Plugin

Most data vendors only offer contact details and limited company information through their Chrome Plugin. However, with TAMI, you can access not only contact information but all the eCommerce information you require. Our plugin is compatible with a merchant's social media, LinkedIn, and website pages. Additionally, you can bulk download up to 1000 new contacts from LinkedIn at a time. Check out our Chrome Plugin in action on

Your Competitors' Customers

Worry no more if you've been having difficulty locating a list of your competitors' customers. TAMI's patented technology can scan a website to determine the Payment Service Provider (PSP) being used and the available payment methods. Check out the screenshot provided for Adidas as an example.

Here are the top payment companies with the count of merchants detected. Every month we add new PSPs to our list for scanning and detecting.

Web Technology

Let's delve into the reality of the situation! We were astonished to find another data company incorrectly displaying as using Windows, Magento, and Shopify, plus hundreds of other incorrect technologies. TAMI continually updates each website to track changes in merchants' technology usage. For instance, when examining BigCommerce, TAMI identifies 39,000 websites utilising the platform, while SimilarTech only reports 30,000. BuiltWith lists 46,000 websites, but many are inactive or no longer using BigCommerce. Here are the top 10 website technologies where eCommerce is true:


Buy Now Pay Later

The Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) market is expanding but remains unregulated. As a result, only some eCommerce businesses reveal the BNPL provider they use. When this information is available on their website, our machine learning algorithm can detect it. Here are the top 10 players in the BNPL industry:

Recurring Payments

Have you attempted to locate e-commerce businesses that offer recurring payment options? Look no further! TAMI, our sales lead generation platform, has all the information you need. Using machine learning, we can detect a website's digital footprint, including whether they offer monthly/yearly payments on a pricing page or if they mention subscriptions plus other indicators. In one click, you can find all of these merchants.

Email Campaigns

Are you looking to hyper-personalize your email campaigns and ensure a 95% deliverability rate? Look no further than TAMI! Our clients are often surprised to see that our hard bounce rate is less than 5%. With  our platform, you can build your email list in seconds and refresh all emails on demand. Furthermore, you can hyper-personalize your email campaigns using our advanced industry and sub-industry filters, as well as our eCommerce filters.

"An essential tool in our email marketing campaigns." 

 What do you like best about TAMI? TAMI give us access to rich customer data, verified and reliable, to maximise the chance of successfully reaching our target customers. Our teams like the prebuilt integrations with major CRM platforms and the excellent support we receive from the TAMI team.

Benjamin J. Co-Founder & Director of Business Development

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