Scans the complete internet, aggregates data from public data sources e.g. Country Company registers, Wikipedia, Facebook, Linkedin, EU Vat, Amazon Alexa, Google, Bing
124M+ Websites
7.7M merchants globally
100% global coverage
e.g. Shopify 894,416
TAMI uses machine learning to identify which industry & sub-industry a website is categorised into
e.g. Shopify top industry is Retail 676,776
In-depth Shipping Filters
e.g. Shipping company, Shipping terms, Int Shipping
TAMI provides estimated online sales and turnover
Amazon Alexa providing visitor traffic by country
Comprehensive Search by State, City, Zip and time zone
530M+ contacts including contact alerts
Unlimited contacts per company. Rolled over month on month
Multiple URL Search offered by TAMI allows you to search up to 1000 leads a month for free.
TAMI has advanced Salesforce integration with custom matching and Salesforce lead enrichment of CRM data
Score inbound sales leads, rich company and contact data
Provides company & contact data when browsing on Linkedin, Twitter, website or YouTube
Dedicated Account Manager and Data Scientist
Data Comparison
Data Methodology
Global Market Coverage
eCommerce Market Coverage
Industry Taxonomy
Shipping Filters
Merchant Size
Traffic & Engagement
Region/City Search
Contacts Comparison
Global Contacts
Global Market Coverage
eCommerce Market Coverage
Products Comparison
Inbound sales leads enrichment
Salesforce Integration
Contact & Company API
Chrome Plugin
Diverse data sources such as contributory network, partnerships, direct measurement, public data, anonymous behavioural data
110M+ Websites
3.2M merchants globally
50% less global coverage
e.g. Shopify 424,362
Industry classification is weak with Shopify top industry is Lifestyle is 9%
Not available
Not available
Tracking web traffic, visits & geographic engagement
Limited GEO location filters with only 13 major states listed for USA
400M+ Contacts (only recently added. Data quality issues)
25%+ bounce rate
Limited credits per month
Not available
Salesforce connector
Website technology & Visitor traffic
SImilartech provides website visit traffic but not contact data
Account Manager

    Real-user reviews

    • Ford P
      Easy to use, helpful tools for easy viewing, lots of available information. Would definitely recommend it for any kind of prospecting.
      Ford P
      Sales Director
    • Kent S
      This type of prospecting tool will be very critical post-COVID19 and TAMI was a great start to get involved in this new approach for our sales reps. TAMI has the willingness to improve their database, which helped get better search results immediately.
      Kent S
      Senior Manager
    • Oliver H
      TAMI has really helped me with my lead sourcing. I love the idea we can search specific areas especially being an area sales manager. I would definitely recommend this tool.
      Oliver H
      Area Sales Manger
    • Matthew C
      TAMI enabled our team to access contact information such as emails, phone numbers, LinkedIn profiles, and much much more to assist us in our outbound sales and marketing efforts and download them into a clear and concise excel file for use in email campaigns and cold calling campaigns. It saved our team hours upon hours of searching for correct email formats and suitable companies for the verticals we want to target. An incredibly useful and helpful software and couldn't recommend it anymore! What's better is that it is still in its infancy so I'm excited to see how this product will improve even more with time.
      Matthew C
      Digital Workspace Consultant
    • Lukas S
      With TAMI it was really fast and easy to create a comprehensive list of TAM accounts based on our specific requirements (business location, revenue, industry, etc.). I wish every tool would have such great customer support was super fast in replying to our emails, he was also super kind and always ready to help us with our specific requests.
      Lukas S
      Marketing Operation Manager