124M companies
41M companies
4.6M companies
2.5M Retailers
1.5M Retailers
30% of Enterprise eCommerce Market use customized website technology.
Monthly company credits with unlimited contacts which roll over month on month
Multiple URL Search offered by TAMI allows you to search up to 1000 leads a month for free.
TAMI integrates with salesforce, & the price of this integration is included in your license fee.
TAMI uses machine learning to identify which industry & sub-industry a website is categorised into.
Fully GDPR compliant In line with all Europe ePrivacy Directive and PECR guidelines
80% of clients see ROI in 3 months
Provides company & contact data when browsing on Linkedin, Twitter, website or YouTube
Credits only used when a lead has been purchased. No cost for viewing company/contact data.
15 indepth company filters such as payments, shipping , BNPL, banking etc
You can download directly into your CRM system and chose custom mapping fields to ensure you are getting the data YOU want.
Global Market Coverage
Global Contacts
European Market Coverage
European eCommerce Market Coverage
European Retail Market Coverage
European Retailers selling online
Email Bounce Rate
European Patent Technology
Contact Credits
Inbound sales leads enrichment
Salesforce Integration
Industry Taxonomy
Data Protection Compliance
Chrome Plugin
Platform Credits
Company & Contact Focus
CRM Integration
Not available
Not available
Not available
Not available
Cognism can not provide this
The number of contacts in each Cognism plan is capped, meaning that you only get a certain number of leads based on what you’ve paid for in your subscription.
Not available
Cognism charges their customers extra for integration with SalesForce.
Cognism’s industry classification is based on LinkedIn mapping, which has poor coverage of retail and eCommerce in general.
Not compliant on mobile phone numbers
69% of Cognism customers see ROI in 7 months or less
Only available for use on LinkedIn as a contact information extractor
Credits used to access contact email addresses before being purchased.
Not available in Cognism. Primary a contact data base
Light integration and does not include website technology, payment processor, bank information etc

    Real-user reviews

    Connor Keppel

    Start-up Marketing & Growth advisor; Founder Relay

    As well as being a founder I advise a number of high-growth start-ups. Before I knew about TAMI, I recommended Cognism to my clients. When I saw TAMI, the data quality blew me away in comparison plus you could access data before paying for it and this is now my defacto lead generation recommendation. No danger of blacklisting and totally GDPR compliant, it’s a no-brainer. This is an incredible product with a great team and a some super cool features. Can’t wait to see where this class-leading product goes in the future


    Telemarketing Company

    Whilst the Cognism platform is easy to navigate, it does however take several hours of use to fully understand its potential. Personally, I prefer TAMI as its UI is much easier to use especially when trying to find company and contact information as well as building email lists for future campaigns. What sets TAMI apart for me is the amazing customer support I receive, which is illustrated through the instructional videos they have to offer - which I deem to be extremely useful. Although Cognism is very strong for Tech/SaaS company data, it cannot match TAMI’s patent which allows you to find all the eCommerce sites around the world. Crucially, the platform enables you to build an eCommerce mailing list, which we all know can be a huge pain point for many businesses if not carried out correctly. As we all know, eCommerce is not a standard vertical or classified by a SIC code so before using TAMI we found it extremely difficult to source that data on the Cognism platform. However, this all shifted when we started using TAMI as TAMI can define who has an actual E-Commerce function. It also offers data regarding online turnover but also in-depth data on the website technology being used by each company in the world. Using Cognism I could not find this data. The fact that TAMI uses multiple data sources and can define a large number of sub-industries is a testament to the accuracy of their data. Unlike Cognism, TAMI provides monthly company credits with unlimited contacts, which is a huge selling point for us. A credit system set-up based solely around contacts may be beneficial for a Marketing team, or an ABM outreach approach but not when a campaign is focused on targeting a company instead of just contacts. Being able to view the credit first before using it vs using credits to access contact emails is also a massive bonus. Lastly, TAMI enables you to enrich a list of websites at a very quick pace which is an invaluable feature on their platform. When using Cognism and ZoomInfo in the past you were able to upload company names however I quickly realized that the company names did not align with the contacts matched. After using TAMI, the shift in data quality is astronomical as their data is far more superior to the data I have ever seen on both Cognism and ZoomInfo

    More customers reviews...

    • Ford P
      Easy to use, helpful tools for easy viewing, lots of available information. Would definitely recommend it for any kind of prospecting.
      Ford P
      Sales Director
    • Kent S
      This type of prospecting tool will be very critical post-COVID19 and TAMI was a great start to get involved in this new approach for our sales reps. TAMI has the willingness to improve their database, which helped get better search results immediately.
      Kent S
      Senior Manager
    • Oliver H
      TAMI has really helped me with my lead sourcing. I love the idea we can search specific areas especially being an area sales manager. I would definitely recommend this tool.
      Oliver H
      Area Sales Manger
    • Matthew C
      TAMI enabled our team to access contact information such as emails, phone numbers, LinkedIn profiles, and much much more to assist us in our outbound sales and marketing efforts and download them into a clear and concise excel file for use in email campaigns and cold calling campaigns. It saved our team hours upon hours of searching for correct email formats and suitable companies for the verticals we want to target. An incredibly useful and helpful software and couldn't recommend it anymore! What's better is that it is still in its infancy so I'm excited to see how this product will improve even more with time.
      Matthew C
      Digital Workspace Consultant
    • Lukas S
      With TAMI it was really fast and easy to create a comprehensive list of TAM accounts based on our specific requirements (business location, revenue, industry, etc.). I wish every tool would have such great customer support was super fast in replying to our emails, he was also super kind and always ready to help us with our specific requests.
      Lukas S
      Marketing Operation Manager